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8 Simple Ways to Get Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials work. Customer testimonials work. They’re one of the most effective, least expensive methods of establishing credibility and helping prospects decide to work with you. Potential buyers will put more stock into the recommendation of a client, friend, neighbor or relative than they will any direct sales or other marketing efforts – and rightfully […]

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Follow Your Fascination

Want to be truly happy and successful? Follow this advice. Thomas Jefferson proclaimed that one of our inalienable rights is “the pursuit of Happiness.” We all have the freedom to make that pursuit but, too often, come up embarrassingly short. Our shortcomings are especially noticeable in January when we encounter “a brand new beginning” in […]

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Matthew Josefs: Why Millennials Matter

Millennials, also referred to as Generation Y, are the generational demographic following Generation X and the biggest generation in U.S. history. Today, most demographers agree that millennials are aged between 22-37 (born 1981-1996). They are the generation that was raised on technology, they have an unprecedented appreciation for avocados on toast, and they are on the […]

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3 Why There is Value in Being Memorable

By Marc Ensign The Big Cheese at LoudMouse Are you easily forgotten? Tell me if this sounds familiar at all. You’re at a networking event. Or maybe a party. It’s a place with a lot of people walking around shaking hands and giving out business cards. And while standing around hugging the open bar, somebody […]

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EWW! What’s that … SMELL?

::sniff:: Do y’all smell something … rancid? Like … the fetid stink of a carcass rotting in the hot summer sun? Yeah. I smell it too. But I don’t think it’s yesterday’s garbage. It’s the stench of REALLY bad marketing. This morning, we happened upon this post from Marc Ensign: meMarketing & the Worst “It […]

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Who Says Serious Business Can’t Be Fun?

Sell more by not selling Since the dawn of time, salespeople have been trained to sell … ALL THE TIME. Sell at work, sell in your messaging, sell to your friends, at your coffee shop, at the grocery store, your gym, your mom’s house … you get the picture. I’m not sure who’s great idea […]

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