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Can You Really Make $100k Off Your Database?

Can You Really Make $100k Off Your Database?

Ask David Fraser.

On October 28th, David Fraser is hosting Make $100k Off Your Database — a one-time course on how real estate agents can drive steady, ongoing growth from your sphere alone.

But what if your database has a meager 100 contacts and you just don’t see a way to add 5 new contacts a day, as some speakers suggest?

make $100k from database

Yes, even you can make $100k from the email addresses in your computer.

And Yes — you can learn tried-and-true tactics for steady growth without the cold calling.

David’s strategy all comes down to basic math and habits you can practice every day. Before you know it, $100k will not only be in your sights — you’ll be on your way to $250k.

Sound like goals you’d like to reach? Live within driving distance of Orlando, FL? You’re in.  Read on…

(And if you don’t live close to Orlando, keep reading anyway — we have a special solution for you at the end.)

You’ll Learn These Basics

David Fraser Make $100,000 off database

Meet David Fraser

We all know that the fastest way to success is to follow someone else’s roadmap, and David is sharing his — one that’s based on 22 years of experience in the industry. He wants to share how you can reap the benefits of a well-managed contact list without the headache.

Gary Keller has notably claimed that Database Management is one of the most important factors in a real estate agent’s job description. David will break down exactly how to categorize your contacts and maximize the return value of every communication.

Database management is important, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science…and you won’t have to spend hours hunched over your keyboard every day to move it in the right direction.

Sneak Peeks

  • Learn day-to-day tactics for fostering the closest relationships that will lead to the most referrals.
  • Find out David’s favorite technologies that have brought referrals from every nook and cranny of his contact list (pssst…Happy Grasshopper might be one of them).
  • Listen to his story about showing a house to a Lockheed Martin executive.  This has nothing to do with maximizing your database, but you’ll laugh so hard you’ll find yourself in tears.

If you aren’t pulling in at least $100k from your contact list alone, it’s time for a change. Make $100k Off Your Database is just the training you need.  You can join the course by calling David at (407) 920-9749, or you can send him an email.

Not close to Orlando but still want to attend?  Comment below and ask David to host a webinar.  If we have enough interest, we can convince him to do an encore presentation!

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