January 30


13 Ways to Build Your Database

January 30, 2019

Do you ever wonder how some people build amazing businesses, while others (who are just as capable)...don’t?

Or how some people thrive in ANY market condition? The secret is in a quote I once heard:

“The quality of our lives is the quality of our relationships. Business is no different.” – Harvey Mackay.

Assuming you agree the quality of your business is the quality of your relationships, you must also agree: Your business IS your database. How you nurture the relationships you have with the people in your database ultimately determines the success you’ll have in your business. It’s that simple—and that complicated. If you didn’t catch our LIVE webinar last Thursday, watch it here and let us simplify what’s complicated.

Busy day? Use these clip-notes to get you to the good stuff:

1:28… Your top questions

6:22… Know your number

8:08… The problem with LEADS…

16:30… Six natural audiences

23:35… How to grow your real estate database

24:00… Easy real estate leads

25:21… Cheap real estate leads

30:55… Free real estate leads

34: 40… Beware the “Cycle of suck”

36:10...The path of mastery

39:10… What is FEAR?

41:00… A scary story 

46:40… Fundamental fear

47:35… Banish fear and embrace your power

49:34… Results of using Happy Grasshopper

51:20… The MOST effective messaging strategy

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