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Brian Wildermuth on sCRM

Brian Wildermuth on sCRM

Social CRM (sCRM) is not technology – it is using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize your business processes.  An sCRM starts with a well organized contact database.

  • targeted and arranged lead sources (where did they come from)
  • structured groups(first time home buyers, personal contacts, networking contacts, past clients)
  • the right data to support relationships that drive transactions (what do I need to do to close a transaction with this lead)

What data should you collect?

  • Contact Information
  • Demographic Information (gender, income, marital status, life history)
  • Conversations – what have you spoken about in the past, what do you need to speak about in the future

Human Interaction is Required – you have to commit to setting up and maintaining a system to have it work for you.

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