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Brian Wildermuth on CRM and Building Relationships

Brian Wildermuth on CRM and Building Relationships

Traditional CRM was all about talking at customers.  sCRM is all about building relationships, building value and talking with your customers.

sCRM is all about using technology to:

  1. Organize
  2. Automate and
  3. Synchronize business practices

A great CRM tool can give you the right data to support relationships and drive transactions.  It helps you structure groups, and helps you target and arrange lead sources so that you can determine where your efforts are the most effective.

Before you get started know the answers to these questions:

  1. What data should you collect? Traditional contact information, demographic information (age, profession, income, life history), conversation information (watching what they say online)
  2. What should you automate? 
  3. What should you synchronize? Stop dripping on people and start engaging with them.  If your drip marketing isn’t getting response, you need to change it.

Caution, human interaction is required!!

  • Don’t overdue it on web forms
  • Collect the data along the way from actual conversations
  • You have to manual enter data about your customers or your CRM tool will not work

Tip of the day – examine your current technology and eliminate the things that aren’t getting you awesome results.

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