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Is Your CRM Right for You?

Looking at the pros and cons of 6 of the most popular real estate CRMs It wasn’t terribly long ago when a Customer Relationship Management (CRM system consisted of a Rolodex, a calendar and a telephone. Before email, before the internet, even before computers (the “BC” of the business world), real estate agents understood the […]

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How to Create the Very Best Generic Autoreply Emails

If you think automatic generic response emails can’t increase sales, think again! Considering every sale begins with a lead, it’s amazing how many companies let leads slip right through their fingers. Let’s face it: Lead generation is hard…and/or expensive. If you’re doing lead gen by yourself, it can eat up your whole day – and […]

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Busting the Myth about Autoresponder Emails in Real Estate

Why email marketing tools like autoresponders rarely work… and relationship-building emails do Technology has provided amazing tools that enable real estate agents to reach out to leads. With a strong, well-organized database – in which new leads can easily be entered – automated follow up messages can be targeted to leads so they are consistently […]

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8 Simple Ways to Get Customer Testimonials

Testimonials work. They’re one of the most effective, least expensive methods of establishing credibility and helping prospects decide to work with you. Potential buyers will put more stock into the recommendation of a client, friend, neighbor or relative than they will any direct sales or other marketing efforts – and rightfully so. However, you already […]

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