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Webinar Replay: Maximize Your Database

Happy Grasshopper is on SALE now >> CLICK HERE to find out if HG is right for you!We know you probably don’t have an hour; these 5 clip notes will get you right to the good stuff:  12:00……The most critical thing Ben thinks you should be doing for your business. 23:38……The number one concern among marketing professionals is… 35:50……”Who […]

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Prospect Converter

Our Friends are Your Friends We wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out to our friends over at ProspectConverter. They’ve been integrated with Happy Grasshopper for two years and we’re happy to have them as part of our team! If you’re not familiar with ProspectConverter, they’re a CRM lead location software firm that’s […]

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What happened when this agent said NO to the next “Secret System” and found success with an Old School method for closing more business?

Sometimes, the “Secret System” is not worth it When Suzanne Bruner got her real estate license in 2011, the phone calls and emails started immediately. “Everyone and their mother was contacting me to tell me about their ‘secret system’ that would make me a millionaire,” recalls the agent from Glendora, California. “It was so ridiculous.” […]

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Why Sales Professionals Should Send an S.O.S.

Is asking for help as a sign of weakness or of incompetence? Operator: 9-1-1, what is your emergency? Caller: Hello! I need help building rapport with my prospects and clients! Can you help?! Operator: Although this phone line is for emergencies only. You NEED to read this post. Do you consider asking for help as a sign […]

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Be More Judgmental. Attract More Clients

How do you attract more clients and provide them with the very best service? Want to attract more clients? Want to provide your clients with the very best service? Then start being judgmental. You might be thinking about that person you know who judges everyone and everything. “So-and-so is such a loud talker.” “So-and-so doesn’t […]

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How Email Has Put Over $100k in This Salesperson’s Pocket

New business vs Maintaining existing clients Renee Musicus had a problem. As an energy consultant and broker with Goldstar Energy Group, she was constantly trying to find the balance between bringing in new business while maintaining relationships with the clients she already had. Sound familiar? “The energy business is extremely competitive,” Renee said. “As time […]

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Five Activities That Will Get You to the Top

The top spot doesn’t come easy No matter which industry you’re in, we can all agree on one thing: it’s good to be on top. Thing is, that top spot doesn’t come easy. Any top producer will tell you about the long hours and dedication it took to get there. They may even touch on […]

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