Adam Lobst Interviews Matt Rathbun on Real Estate Technology

Adam Lobst Interviews Matt Rathbun on Real Estate Technology

A Technology Q & A

Q: The role of real estate agents is evolving.  Are agents are becoming more information interpreters than information providers?

A: 83% of brokers say that the clients feel they have more data than their agents. Agents need to understand how to speak with their clients, understand the information they have and appropriately interpret and guide them in using it.

Q: What technology is available that agents aren’t using?

A: The number one tool that agents have is there brain.  Agents need to find tools that work for them.  Video is important, digital signatures are huge.

Q: Gen M generation is coming – how are you changing your business to meet the new demands of this generation?

A: Millennials are all about information on demand.  They have a lot of questions and they grew up with Google that could give it to them.  You need to be ready to answer their questions quickly if you want to work with this new group of consumers.

Q: How is marketing evolving?

A: Marketing is still the same, the tools are just different.  People still want to be taken care of, made to feel special, and have a real connection.  The biggest problem is that there are so many tools, agents are overloaded with too many options and are best served to pick a few one they can really cultivate.

Q: Where will AVMs fit into agents business?

A: AVMs are a good tool to help gauge something.  You need to know how to determine their margin of error, explain that to your clients, and use them effectively to continue to provide good valuation data.

Q: Completely electronic transactions – are we there yet?

A: The technology is there (Relay is a great tool).  It is easier, safer and more advantageous for the consumer, but everyone isn’t comfortable with it yet.