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A Marvelous Dance

A Marvelous Dance

This morning, I was greeted by a marvelous dance of shadow and light – a gift for the soul.

2013-10-03 07.12.21 HDR

What pleases your eye most? The spectacle of color or the discovery of the barely visible? The darkness or the light?

In this interplay of pixels I find a reminder of our unknowingness. For these questions, there are no wrong answers. Even so, perhaps there are those among you who are certain your opinion is the opinion, and therefore the correct opinion?

Perhaps, for example, one is greatly invested in the value of contrast. To their eye, the beauty of this picture resides at the gaudy intersection of light and dark. The collision of difference. The car crash of color at the top of the trees and the shadows within the clouds.

Or perhaps one is totally invested in the mystery of the barely visible images hidden in shadow. It takes a careful eye and curious mind to appreciate that which is not immediately apparent, but its presence remains. The fact that it’s not obvious in no way diminishes its value.

Or perhaps it’s the color that excites your eye?

As for me, I remain certain only of my uncertainty.  I strive to see the entirety of beauty and I hope to appreciate it in new ways.  Happy Saturday everybody.  🙂

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