A Letter From Happy Grasshopper’s CEO, Dan Stewart

A Letter From Happy Grasshopper’s CEO, Dan Stewart

Dear Customers,

It’s A New Day At Happy Grasshopper.

Thousands of salespeople from more than 40 different industries already love Happy Grasshopper® and the relationships it’s helped them build with their customer bases. We’ve now delivered more than 8 million email messages, and most importantly, have helped our customers generate in excess of $240 million in sales.

Along our path, we’ve had countless requests from customers asking us to help them do even more.

Today, we’re excited to introduce two new products that will change the way salespeople do business online.

We’d like you to meet Position-Me™ & HG-Recruits™.

With these new services, we’re tackling the challenges of lead conversion and recruiting in an entirely new way. Our suite of patent-pending innovations allows us to create and deliver outstanding email campaigns that are just as unique as you are.


You already know that people buy from those they know, like and trust; Position-Me™ gets you there based on who you really are.  Our process starts with a thorough survey of your strengths, values, interests and personality.  Then, our writing team creates an email campaign that best positions you to every web lead, from any source.

No smoke, no mirrors, just outstanding copy that helps an online shopper realize you’re the person they want to work with.

Better still, each Position-Me™ campaign is designed to complement whatever existing campaigns you may have in place, and is optimized over time to yield the best results.


As the economy rebounds, it’s critical that growing teams add the right people to meet demand. HG-Recruits™ lets brokers, small business owners and sales managers start email conversations that allow you to know someone fits, even before they start. Like Position-Me™, HG-Recruits™ starts with an insightful assessment and marries its results to excellent writing and fully automated delivery.

Like all of Happy Grasshopper’s services, Position-Me™ & HG-Recruits™ are designed to be effortless.

With Position-Me™ and HG-Recruits™, you’ll get replies that’ll not only help you grow, but that will help you grow exponentially, by adding  people who are a perfect fit for your goals.

If you’re already a Happy Grasshopper customer, you already know the results that can get delivered when you stop selling and start making authentic human connections. If you’ve not gotten to know us yet, we’re ready to show you how.

Both Position-Me™ & HG-Recruits™ are available now. We invite you to take one or both assessments and schedule your consultation by visiting www.happygrasshopper.com.

Happy positioning, happy recruiting, Happy Grasshoppering.

All the best,

CEO & Co-Founder, Happy Grasshopper