Referral Marketing Service Issues Challenge to Real Estate Agents

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By: Dan Stewart
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New web service aims to prove that you are losing easy sales opportunities.  Its radically simple solution is generating referrals, commissions and raving fans.

TAMPA, Fla.  (April 4, 2011) – Happy Grasshopper wants to help you get more referrals.  The web-based service offers email marketing with a twist.  Instead of requiring users to constantly create new content and determine delivery schedules, their team does it all.  Users simply load contacts, configure their email signature and approve each message before it is sent.

Early adopters throughout the US and Canada have been sharing their results on the web.  Susan Emo, Jesse Sunday, Nancy Fraser and Todd Clark have all recently blogged about Happy Grasshopper on Active Rain, the real estate social network.  Having used the service for four months or less, they attribute tens of thousands in combined commission income directly to the service.

Happy Grasshopper is priced from $19 to $39 per month, and the first 50 contacts are free.

Dan Stewart, President and Co-founder of Happy Grasshopper says that his years working at a do-it-yourself email marketing company convinced him there was a need for this service.  “People are tired of doing it themselves” he says.  “When you work hard on an email, it hurts to see low click-through rates and un-subscribes.”

Stewart says that a common mistake is using email to sell, instead of building relationships.  “Agents like to send market stats, new listings and sold notices, but these are usually far more interesting to us than the people in our database” he says.  “Our messages take a completely different approach.  They are solely focused on starting conversations and building goodwill.”

“I was skeptical” says Jesse Sunday, of the Sarasota Association of Realtors.  “I just wasn’t sure that an email written by someone else would work, but I’ve had 3 referrals that I know wouldn’t have come to me any other way.”

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