Making Cent$ of New Technology – Matt Dollinger at Xplode Conference

Matt Dollinger took the stage to deliver his presentation called “Making Cent$ of New Technology” and he really rocked the house with his powerful message.  In fact, Matt has just made it onto my top speaker list!  His message is to do what works…and he started by polling the audience.

Who’s closed a real estate transaction? – Everybody puts their hands in the air.

And who’s closed a real estate transaction from a referral?  – All the hands stay in the air.

And who’s closed one from Facebook? – At this point there are maybe 15 hands left in the air in a room with about 300 people.

And from Twitter? – 3 hands.

So why are you spending so much time on Twitter?

Matt’s point is to focus your energy on the activities that generate business.  I couldn’t agree more.  Every conference I attend has one theme that comes through louder and stronger than any other.  Real estate is still about relationships.  Focus on what helps you grow them most effectively and you will prosper!

If you still insist on tweeting you can connect with Matt here – @mattdollinger


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Celeste has been working with small business owners for over 14 years helping them build better systems. Her philosophy, technology should help us get more done faster. Instead of extending our work day, technology should help shorten it.
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One Response to Making Cent$ of New Technology – Matt Dollinger at Xplode Conference

  1. This is so true! There are so many classes to teach an agent to facebook, twitter, link yourself in… and I think they miss the mark. You can use technology to support your efforts to build a relationship with someone, but it doesn’t take the place of it. I find my happygrasshopper reports really helpful because I can see who is opening my emails and who isn’t. I know the folks that are not opening my mail may need me to reach out to them in different ways. I know the folks that do read my happygrasshopper emails appreciate them.

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