All Kung Fu Jokes Aside

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By: Dave Courvoisier
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All jokes about “Kung-Fu” aside (showing my age), you may want to consider Happy for your VO business.  Here’s why, as it was explained to me very simply:

“Do you need referrals but hesitate to ask for them? Happy Grasshopper has broken the code – you load e-mail addresses of people you know and their team of writers handle the rest. No more struggling with what to say or forgetting to keep in touch. All you have to do is approve the messages and then watch the referrals come pouring in. You’ve got to try this to believe it ! Sweet!”

Disclaimer: I have NOT tried this service, and don’t know if it is, in fact, “sweet”.  But here’s why I trust the source.  I subscribe to the HARO newsletter, and it comes sometimes several times a day. HARO stands for: Help A Reporter Out.  HARO puts experts in touch with the reporters who need answers.  Thousands of questions, people, and answers interact everyday through this site.  The guy who runs it sends out great stuff to subscribers everyday.  A lot of the tips are journalist-centric, but then, once in a while you get a great tip like Happy Grasshopper.  I’ve never been disappointed by the leads he sends.  He’s Peter Shankman, and his Twitter handle is @PeterShankman.

So give Happy Grasshopper a shot, especially if your’e lousy at asking for, or writing for referrals.  If you write me personally at, I’ll tell you how you can get this service free for up to the first 50 contacts.


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