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Long-Term Keep-in-Touch

Follow-up Forever

“The fortune is in the follow-up.” – Chris Smith

Email follow-up is literally the highest ROI-producing tool in any salesperson’s toolkit. Yet, most don’t do it at all, much less forever.

That’s really a shame, considering most good salespeople say that 50 – 80% of their business comes from their database. Just imagine how your business will change once you have the right long-term follow-up campaigns in place.


Keep in Touch with Your Sphere

Fun follow-up emails keep you top of mind with everyone in your sphere of influence (friends, family, past clients) in a warm and friendly way.

You won’t find market stats, sales pitches or badly designed newsletters about cleaning your gutters or daylight savings time here. Just fun, conversation-starting greetings that your database will actually respond to.

  • Create “top of mind” awareness
  • Extract more referrals from your database
  • Achieve low opt-out rates (less than 1%)

Keep in Touch with Your Leads

It’s really hard to know when someone in your database might be ready to buy. Our monthly keep-in-touch messages are designed to get response.

Email newsletters don’t have to be impersonal or boring; you’ll find that when they aren’t, they get way better results!

  • Industry-driven content for your leads
  • One-click send
  • Guaranteed response

P.S. – Did you know that long-term exposure is one of the very best ways to build trust?


A huge reason behind our incredible growth at Home4Investment is because leads I generated in 2011 are buying now, leads I generated in 2012 are buying now, leads I generated in 2013 are buying now, and leads I generated in 2014 are buying now. Happy Grasshopper = ROI for my team.

Ben Kinney, Legend, Ranked #3 at KW – Home4Investment