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Lead Conversion

Get them to stop searching and CALL YOU!

To convert leads, you need instant response, strong positioning and nurturing.

Our conversational approach to email is exactly what was missing from email marketing. It’s not about the click, it’s about the call. To convert leads you need instant response, strong positioning and nurturing. Our lead conversion system gives you the content and platform to get the maximum return on your lead generation efforts.

Automated Lead Capture

Connects with any online lead source!

  • Expert Set-Up
  • Capture and Respond Instantly
  • Gather All Leads in One System

Instant Response

It’s 2016 and that means it’s a 24/7 wired world. Today’s shoppers have access to more information and more providers than ever before. Our system automatically captures and responds to all your online leads.

  • New lead text alerts
  • Instant targeted response


This is where email marketing meets the best in sales theory… and where canned content fails. If you’re sending what everyone else is, you’re simply telling the consumer – we’re all the same. We know that isn’t true. Our writers will make sure you are well positioned in the eyes of the buyer.

  • Tell your unique story
  • Create curiosity
  • Build trust
  • Make a lasting impression


Have you ever heard someone say: “Those are bad leads?” Maybe you’ve even felt that way yourself at some point.

People often start their search long before they are ready to talk to a salesperson. Our nurturing content cultivates those leads, building trust along the way so that, when they are ready, they’ll call you.

  • Builds trust
  • Encourages dialog
  • Converts ‘bad’ leads over time

Happy Grasshopper has helped us reach clients that in the past have been totally unresponsive to our emails and drip campaigns.

Gary Ashton