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If you’re ever less than 100% fully happy with our services, you can cancel at anytime. There are NO contracts, NO catches, and absolutely NO reason not to hop on board today!

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Instant Results

I sent my first message and almost immediately, a guy that I’d been trying to reach for more than two years responded. He said he loved the message and it reminded him right away of why he’d wanted to work with me in the first place. Because of that one email, I made a little more than $26,000 in commissions, and it’s entirely attributable to Happy Grasshopper.

-Steven Sharpe

Incredible Service

I wanted to make sure that I told you how amazing your team has been.  It is really hard to find a company who is responsive, available and helpful when you need them.  You all are truly awesome.

-Charis Moreno

Long-Term Returns

I’ve been using Happy Grasshopper for about 18 months; there was a customer whose attention I’d been trying to get. He got one of their emails, called me, and had me list his residential home AND two investment homes. And that was 100% a result of Happy Grasshopper.

You just set it and forget it! It’s the simplest thing I’ve found and I love it because it just WORKS.

-Craig Schaid

I was aware of Happy Grasshopper for years, but didn't think we needed it.

Now I know I should have done this years ago.
Ryan Tollefsen - Ranked #4 in the world at Keller Williams